February 12, 2016

Communist Youth of Syria: 'We will never give up!'

From International Communist Press - February 9th, 2016

Special interview with Wessam Kahel, member of the International Relations Committee of the Communist Youth Union of Syria - Bakdash.

WK: I would like to give some information from the latest events. The Syrian army recently has progressed in different places. As you know, it is a quite large country. So, the  Syrian army cannot spread all its forces to all places. This progress should be considered due to Russia, which we will talk about later.

February 9, 2016

Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women: actions across Canada Feb 14th

Shafiqullah Aziz/ BASICS News
YCL-LJC Women's Commission's call for mobilization

This Valentine’s Day, the annual memorial march will honour the lives and memories of women who have been lost to gendered violence. The march, founded in Vancouver in 1991, first came about in response to the murder of a Coast Salish woman that received little attention by police or media. Although the march commemorates women of all backgrounds, emphasis will be given to native women, who are the disproportionate targets of this systemic violence.

The recently launched inquest is welcome news, but we need more than just words - we need real change!

February 3, 2016

Call-out for young worker horror stories

We often hear that our generation has it worse off than our parents. As the capitalist class continues to deepen their attack on the living and working standards of working people as a whole, the jobs available to young people in particular keep getting worse: part-time, non-union, precarious work, internships, or straight up unemployment are often the 'choices' we have.

But what does it look like at the ground level? Rebel Youth is calling on young workers to write about their experiences for the upcoming 20th issue of the print magazine.

Raise your voice, cause you’re not alone! In a recent, small-scale investigation blitz of employers by the Ministry of Labour in Ontario, it was discovered that 3/4ers of employers were breaking already substandard labour laws.

January 15, 2016

"Fuck it all": Review of the Spring 2015 Quebec student strike

Marianne Breton Fontaine

We need to be careful not to underestimate the importance of ideology in shaping our strategies and our daily struggles. This is demonstrated by the latest attempted general strike, which the Quebec student movement initiated last spring. This strike was conducted primarily based on anarchist principles. It was also the result of dissatisfaction among activists from the Maple Spring which ended in 2012, a dissatisfaction that comes from an incorrect analysis of the transformative potential of a student strike.

January 11, 2016

Rebel Youth's Best of 2015

Special to Rebel Youth

Throughout 2015 Rebel Youth was pleased to offer news and views from the Pan-Canadian youth and student movement from a socialist perspective. Here we present a list of the RY site’s favorite articles of the year in case you missed them!

December 19, 2015

International Day of Migrants 2015: behind migrant crisis, there is the capitalist crisis

This article was written in support of the World Federation of Democratic Youth's (WFDY) joint actions on the International Day of Migrants. WFDY's Commission on Europe and North America has launched a campaign for migrant rights and against imperialisms displacement of people.

Adrien Welsh, chair of the Young Communist League of Canada's International Commission

On the International Day of Migrants, 18 December 2015, the Young Communist League of Canada joins with thousands of others around the world to express its solidarity with the millions of women, men and children forced every year to leave their country, family, home and job because of war, economic need or climate change.

December 17, 2015

Review: 'Wolf of Wall Street'

Sofia Champion

About two years late to the party, I decided to finally sit down and have a go at watching Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street (2013). The film is famous for several reasons – for example, putting Tarantino to shame with its usage of the word “fuck” – but what most lingers in the memory of viewers is the amount of time devoted in the film to the conspicuous consumption indulged in by the protagonist of the film (if you could call him that, God help him) throughout his rise and fall from glory.

December 16, 2015

The Student Movement, Class & Revolution

Jenna Amirault & Drew Garvie

The upcoming school semester brings about renewed opportunities for student mobilization, solidarity with labour, and the creation of wider coalitions in the battle against austerity. The need to organize militant cross-Canada action has been made apparent by all the bourgeois political parties’ failure to take student issues seriously in this election and their failure, more generally, to represent the working class as a whole. In today’s economy students make up a new generation of debt owners with little prospects of getting a job upon graduation and insufficient social services to lessen their economic disparity in times of hardship. Colonialism and institutional sexism and racism create barriers to education that are left unaddressed by bourgeois politicians. It is pressing that students organize to challenge the limitations of the current education system and work with labour to overthrow capitalism itself. But what role can students play in revolutionary action? Why is the demand for access to education important, if it is not in itself revolutionary? And why is student-worker solidarity important?

December 4, 2015

The Fate and Legacy of Bolivarianism in Venezuela’s Dec 6th Election

Kurt Biray

Will the Dec. 6 Parliamentary Election in Venezuela determine the fate of Chavismo “21st century socialism”?

President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela faces probably the biggest challenge of his incumbency so far. Venezuelans will head to the polls on December 6 for the parliamentary election in which the Venezuelan opposition, the Democratic Unity Roundtable (Mesa de la Unidad Democrática, MUD), could possibly gain control of the National Assembly. Since former President Hugo Chavez' death in 2013, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela, PSUV) under the leadership of Nicolás Maduro has struggled to maintain the political support and popularity that his predecessor enjoyed for 15 years.

December 3, 2015

Terror attacks in Paris: Western Imperialism is to blame

TJ Petrowski

In the aftermath of the latest attacks on Paris that left more than 130 dead, the corporate, Eurocentric media of the West is in overdrive to scare working people into sacrificing their civil liberties and convince us of the need to launch more aggressive bombing raids, with the possibility of deploying troops, in Iraq and Syria to defeat the Islamic State (ISIS). The attacks are the inevitable response to Western imperialism's exploitation of the Middle East and North Africa and worldwide military interventions.

Each conflict in the Middle East and North Africa can be attributed to the policies of Western imperialism. The conflict in Syria is not a civil war; it is a regional proxy war being waged by Western imperialism through air strikes, sanctions, and support for regional proxies (i.e., so-called "moderate" rebels, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Israel, etc.), all with their own agendas, to weaken movements and states opposed to their interests. Likewise, the war in neighboring Iraq can be directly attributed to the illegal occupation of the country by Western imperialism in 2003; al-Qaeda in Iraq, the predecessor of ISIS, was not formed until after the U.S.-led occupation.

November 27, 2015

UofT’s strike in retrospective: How students and labor pushed for unity

Zach Morgenstern

From February 27 to March 26 of 2015 UofT’s CUPE 3902 Unit 1, a union which represents UofT student-course-instructors (most prominently teaching assistants (TAs)) went on strike. The Union, which bargained with a strike-vote mandate it had held since November, ultimately settled for arbitration. Arbitrator William Kaplan has since ruled in UofT’s favor, allowing for a deal the union had previously voted down, which does not guarantee funding increases for individual graduate students, to be implemented.  Despite this being a far from perfect result for the month long campaign, it has to be said that CUPE 3902’s approach to the strike was commendable, at least when it came to student-TA relations.

November 26, 2015

Reaction from the Communist Youth of Paris' 15th district on attacks in Paris

The following is a statement from the Communist Youth of the 15th district of Paris, republished by RY. You can find the original statement in French here.

After the shock, more than ever, we must fight back against imperialism and its nightmares.

Paris, 14th of November

Young communists from the 15th district, whom gathered with comrades from the province and the public sector unions discussed the events that occurred the night before.

The terrorist attacks claimed by the fascist and Islamist group "Daesh" caused more than 120 casualties with more than 200 injured, and the numbers are still increasing. Our first reaction was shock and a great deal of emotion. Everybody was concerned and affected by these events and many of us were near the actions as they occurred. Others worked close to these areas, as bus drivers and nurses, and lived close to the places where the disturbances occurred throughout the Paris region. Some of us, finally, knew some of the victims of these terrible acts of violence.

November 25, 2015

Lebanese, Turkish and French youth united in the struggle for peace

The following is a joint statement from young Communist organizations from Lebanon, France and Turkey on the recent attacks on civilians in each of their countries and their united struggle against imperialist war.

Ankara, Beirut, and Paris: Same pain, same responsibilities, same struggle

We, communist and progressive youth organization from Turkey, Lebanon and France declare the following:

We are all deeply affected and saddened by the bombing that struck our peoples and our youths. Our first thoughts are with the victims and their families. Terrorism is a deadly ideology that we shall fight against. The acts perpetrated in Ankara, Beirut and Paris has been committed by fascists.

November 12, 2015

Tuition fees: How students are getting it handed to them and what we can learn

Drew Garvie

We hear a lot about skyrocketing tuition fees, but one of the challenges in the student movement is high turnover and a lack of historical memory. Which government did what when? And the most important question, which governments are never truthful about; why did they do it? Here Rebel Youth examines some short histories of tuition fee increases in five provinces in order to help understand the attack we are facing and what we can do about it.

November 11, 2015

YCL-LJC Canada in Havana for the 19th General Assembly of the WFDY

Picture from the 19th General Assembly of WFDY
taking place now in Havana
Special to RY

Despite the historical messaging put forward by the hawkish celebrations of our pro-war and pro-business governments, 2015 does not mark the 70th anniversary of a military victory, but a victory of the people against Nazism and fascism. These were not regular armies who routed the Nazi armies, but largely resistance movements, including communists and the people in general, who fought fascist barbarism which had as its main aim the end of communism.

It is in this vein that several organizations were formed with the aim of ensuring world peace and especially to end the system which, as stated by Jaurès, "carries within it war just as rain clouds carry the storm". This system is capitalism, and more specifically, its highest stage: imperialism. Women united under the banner of the Women’s International Democratic Federation (WIDF); workers within the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) and the peace movement joined the World Peace Council (WPC). Meanwhile, young people, with the slogan "Youth unite! Forward for lasting peace!", formed the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY). WFDY’s actions for the liberation of oppressed peoples and for friendship among the people was advanced notably through the World Festival of Youth and Students, which brought together thousands of young people.

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